Your partner in adventure, sports and leisure infrastructure

Who we are

KOREN SPORS was founded in 1998 when we created our vision in outdoor sports. Since than we are leading outdoor company in South Europe providing innovative solutions and exciting activities for our clients. In 2000 we build our first High Ropes Course in Slovenia. Since then we have built or consult for over 50 Rope Courses in 6 different countries, including Zipline Courses, Adventure Treetop Courses, High Ropes Courses, Kids Ropes Courses and Mobile Ropes Courses.

To satisfy an increasing demand from Adventure Course professionals we are creating and testing new solutions and activities in our base in Slovenia where we are hosting more than 40 000 visitors per year.

We are following highest European Standards (EN 15567-1, EN 15567-2) to ensure highest safety standards to our clients.

Our experience

We have been building High Ropes Courses and operating our own courses (5 centers) in Slovenia and Austria since 2000. This experience has allowed us to evolve and develop new obstacles, techniques and materials to ensure ongoing improvements. All the equipment, materials and obstacles that we recommend have been tried and tested on our own courses. 
Our experience as both course constructors and course managers enables us to give future clients extensive and appropriate advice.


Our attention to safety

Safety is paramount and one of our main concerns. We were therefore involved in establishing the European standard EN 15567-1, which dictates the 
level, required both for constructing and operating Ropes Courses. 
All the courses or climbing walls that we build are compliant with European standard and are inspected by an accredited independent control office prior to opening to the public.

Our environmental approach

When installing an adventure course or climbing wall we aim to provide you with a course, which optimizes the forest and natural surroundings. We therefore pay particular attention to the environment and ensure that no pollution or damage is caused when installing a KOREN SPORTS course or climbing wall. 
Furthermore when dismantling or modifying an activity, we guarantee very low environmental impact.

Our on-site training

Course participants safety is every course manager’s responsibility. We therefore provide 50 hour on-site training when delivering a KOREN SPORTS Ropes Course to ensure that all operating staff is fully trained to efficiently supervise the participants.