Adventure course

An Adventure Treetop Course is described as a “high rope forest adventure” and is constructed out of man-made obstacles at a height of between 1 and 15m from the ground. To move between living trees – ropes, beams, bridges and nets are spanned from tree to tree.

Combining climbing, fun and nature, the Adventure Treetop Course, with it’s various difficultly levels is fun for the whole family. From the children’s course to the hardest adults course everyone has the chance to accept a challenge.

Well thought out Adventure Treetop Courses have a minimum of 30 exercises, which are spread over 4 – 8 courses of varying difficulty. Using an installed safety system all guests can choose the activity to suit themselves – and so decide how much fun, adventure or adrenalin to mix in.


KOREN SPORTS designs and builds Adventure Treetop Courses since 2000. We know what we do and with broad range of experience we can deliver high quality products.

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