Mobile ropes course

Easy to set up; it takes 2 people 3 hours. Training is provided in installing and operating the course.

The Mobile Ropes Course is a circuit of artificial obstacles at a height of between 2 and 4 m. Within the self-supporting steel or wood structure various exciting exercises such as balancing ropes, beams, bridges and nets are installed. 

With Mobile Ropes Course fun is what it is all about. Visitors can independently and securely move from platform to platform over the activities that they choose. The continuous belay system is easy for the participants to use and significantly increases their safety as it enables them to carry out the entire course without manipulating the equipment and without ever being disconnected.

The Mobile Ropes Course is ideally situated for locations where you are limited with space and many people spend their time (events, exhibition, etc.)
By combining its individual components Mobile Ropes Course becomes self-supporting, and can therefore be optimally adapted to the local environment. This special design allows for a number of exercises even in the smallest spaces or above existing facilities. Due to the minimum required staffing, the high capacity, operation without power consumption and low maintenance the Mobile Ropes Course is one of the most attractive investment opportunities in the leisure sector with a significant return on investment capability (ROI).

KOREN SPORTS designs and builds Mobile Ropes Courses since 2012. We know what we do and with broad range of experience we can deliver high quality products.

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