Introducing SKYPOD unique living experience, an inviting retreat that offers guests an exclusive, sustainable glamping experience.

For investors it brings a significant business opportunity, a unique destination experience within a short lead time and without compromising on quality or price.

The SKYPOD unique living experience retreat is the most innovative way of contemporary living in the nature where you will be connected with your roots and where you will be able to enjoy its full comfort. SKYPOD’s natural and organic geometry maximizes the relationship between inside space and outside setting and can be basically adopted to any environment from Alps to Mediterranean.

The SKYPOD offers guests an outstanding experience and provide customers unbeatable marketing and PR opportunity. The design is flexible and can suit different needs from hotel & camping owners to outdoor providers and schools. To simplify the planning requirements the house has been designed to meet with the Caravan & Mobile Homes Act and addition to that it can be installed completely off grid.

The insulated building envelope can be installed either in moderate Mediterranean climate or in the snowy Alps. We are using top quality sustainable Slovenian timber wood, double-glazed windows, low voltage LED lighting, an A rated LPG or electric hot water heating system and provision grey water drainage.

Skypod brochure

Is planning permission required?

In many cases you do not need planning permission to have an SKYPOD in your garden. However, if you are planning on renting your SKYPOD then you will probably require planning permission. We have experienced planning team and we will be happy to act as planning agents and will offer guidance.

Can I use SKYPOD for anything other than accommodation?

Yes, we can design your SKYPOD to be used for everything from home office to unique eco-classroom.

How long will the SKYPOD last?

The SKYPOD has been designed to offer 20 year life-span. With regular use and maintainnace we expect the building to last considerably longer.

What about services & utilities?

The SKYPOD can be installed with a variety of renewable energy options creating an entirely off-grid solutions (i.e. without the needs for mains utilities and sewage). In most cases it will be preferable to connect building to mains services and drainage or septic tank. Our design team will visit your site to advise on the best solution before we install the buildings.

How long does it all take?

The process can take some time so it is always worth thinking ahead. Planning permission generally takes about 8 weeks. From point of order it will take us 6-8 weeks to prefabricate and deliver your SKYPOD to site.

  • Toilet Room
  • Shower Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bunk Room
  • Main Bedroom
  • Lighting, Electricity & Plumbing:


Optional Items:

  • Additional insulation,
  • Furniture,
  • Bespoke cladding, green/wood roof,
  • Slim-line dual temperature wine cooler,
  • Telephone line, data cabling,
  • Thermostatically heating/cooling system

Off grid Renewal Energy Systems:

  • Composting toilets,
  • Photovoltaic system,
  • Rainwater harvesting system,
  • Methanol fuel cell

General Specification:

  • 50mm insulated building envelope,
  • Sustainable construction materials,
  • Double glazed windows,
  • LPG gas stove,
  • Wall mounted flat screen

Services required:

  • Cold water supply,
  • Electric supply,
  • Waste/ sewage (mains or septic tanks)



  1. Firstly, a member of our team will visit you to discuss your ideas and undertake a survey of the location.
  1. Following your approval of the design brief, we will create a master plan of site and submit your planning application.
  1. From point of order, it will take approximately 6-8 weeks to prefabricate the structure to your specification and deliver it to site.
  1. Due to the SKYPOD cutting edge design, installation and commissioning will take approximately 3 days (per unit).
  1. Welcome your first guests to experience your SKYPOD.